Event Solutions.

Partner with WildSide to produce transformative in-person, virtual or hybrid events your audience will never forget.

Seamless End-to-End Event Solutions.

Engage us today and put decades of our creativity, planning, security, and tech-savvy production expertise to work for you.

We offer seamless end-to-end event solutions. Working with studios, hotels, venues, digital platforms, and engagement solutions worldwide, we plan and produce events that turn “what ifs” into reality, push the boundaries physically and virtually, and inspire audiences to act.

We work with clients worldwide to produce:

  • Sales Summits
  • Product Launches
  • Trainings
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • International Expos
  • Experiential Brand Activation
  • Fundraisers
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Road Shows & Field Marketing

Broadly our services for Live, Virtual & Hybrid include:

  • Event Strategy & Design
  • Event Branding & Content Dev.
  • Staging Services & Show Management
  • Convention & Exhibit Services
  • Event Marketing
  • Networking Services
  • Sponsor Management
  • Live Translation
  • Event Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Keynotes
  • Emcees

Everything you need in one place.

Live & Hybrid

Live events that keep them coming back.

Indoor, outdoor, public, or private, our experienced experts are ready to make your event extraordinary and unforgettable through set design, dynamic audio, brilliant lighting, and powerful videos. We create experiences tailored to your audience and aligned with your goals, whether that’s growing revenue through attendance, ticket sales, product sales, or membership renewal to name a few.

We stand next to you as your stars take to the stage and make sure that all the details are handled. Internal or external attendees, your event will benefit from the latest in immersive experiences—from holograms to AR—while our analysts can craft the perfect post-event follow-up to maximize ROI.

Hybrid: Think like television producers.

The blending of Live and Virtual into Hybrid events is the most exciting thing to happen to events in decades. Although, if you have worked with large global companies, as we have, you are probably familiar with a “town hall” that brings small groups together in person while using video conferencing to be able to interact across the globe.

Now take that old-school concept and turn it on its head to offer the same experience, virtual or in-person to each attendee, including networking opportunities under a single event ecosystem.

We are going live in 3, 2, 1.

Done right, it feels like a TV show with a live studio audience—for both the in-person viewer and the virtual viewer, with Emcees interacting with both the live audience and the one online. That’s why it’s the best of both worlds.

Yet, the experience bridges the tech divide by offering gamification, networking, a shout-out to sponsors, as well as a help desk.

What makes hybrid events so effective is that unlike pure in-person events it is a plethora of data that helps inform as the event is playing out – offering the ability to make tweaks in real-time along with delivering long-term insights and measurable ROI.

Our services include:

  • Event Planning
  • Creative Design & Messaging
  • Experience & Content Creation
  • Logistics, Site Selection & Negotiation
  • Event Marketing & Registration
  • Sponsor, Exhibitor & Speaker
  • Video and AV Production Services
  • Event Platform (Hybrid Only)
  • Live Translation
  • Live On-Site 24/7 Editing (all content posted by the next morning)
  • Social Media Pre, During, and Post-Event
  • Closed Captioning, Subtitles, Live Translation
  • Engagement Tech Tools (Chat, Polling & Q&A)
  • Mobile Event App Add-Ons
  • Seamless Communication with Digital Lead Capture & CRMs
  • Live & Virtual Networking, Team Builders & Gamification
  • Turning Live Production into On-Demand Content
  • Engagement, Sales Statistics & Post Event Analytics

Bring it All Together


Let your mind do the traveling.

For decades, we have been working in digital cocoons—some bigger and more sophisticated. While the pandemic increased digital adoption, it also opened the door to a digital convergence of sorts—where video communication meets new and exciting ways to engage, network, and build relationships.

It’s no wonder that the global virtual event industry was valued at $75 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $366 billion by 2026. As digital natives with experience in online education and training, when the pandemic hit it was easy for us to pivot to virtual event production and open a whole new world of possibilities.

With the ability to cut cost, while boosting attendance, building new revenue streams, and collecting better data, Virtual Events are here to stay.

WildSide experts can help free your company of the “webinar is enough” mentality to understand the importance of having a security-minded partner and platform, while pushing the boundaries of engagement.

Not only will we help you keep your audience at the center of your experience, but we will challenge you to really think strategically looking for ways virtual events can help you meet your revenue targets, attracting more high-value customers and shareholders.

Project Management

  • Kick-Off and Onboarding
  • Weekly & Biweekly Milestone Review Meetings
  • Event Design & Registration
  • Platform & Content Development
  • Breakout Planning
  • Show Flow & Motion Graphics
  • Training & Tech Check Runs
  • Technical Set Up & Testing
  • Post-Event Debriefs and Transition of Assets

Virtual Event Platform

  • Custom Secure Conference Site
  • Platform Configuration & Branding
  • Registration Set Up and Executing for Attendees, with Authentication
  • Site Graphic Design & Copy, Including Session Descriptions, Speaker Photos & Bios
  • 2-months Hosting
  • Standard Analytics
  • Admin Access to the Back End
  • Chat, Polling & Upvoting
  • Access to AI Translation, Gamification
  • Breakout Technology Set Up
  • Dedicated Platform & Breakout Technical Support
  • Post-Event Replay Set Up


Live Stream

  • Live Presentations
  • Pre-Recorded Presentations
  • Panel Discussion with Live Q&A, 7 Speakers Max / Panel
  • Concurrent Breakouts (Chime or Zoom)
  • Team Builders & Networking Sessions

Run of Show

  • Show Flow Development and Production Strategy
  • Dedicated Producer, Technician
  • Run of Show & Technical Production Services
  • Green Room Set Up and Management
  • Tech Checks for Presenters and Moderators

Advanced Production

  • Pre-Records (Scheduling, Filming & Editing)
  • Opening Video (Scripting, Storyboarding & Voice Over)
  • Live Edit Closing Video Capturing Highlights of the Event
  • Custom Videos (if Applicable)
  • Subtitles, Translations (if Applicable)
  • Animated Show Logo & Motion Tile and Title Graphics
  • Attendee Slide Show
  • Break and Instruction Slides
  • How-to Video
  • Breakout Content and Design
  • Editing of All Recorded Content and Posted 24 Hours After the Event, Starting on Day 1


▪ Event Analytics (Attendance, Engagement)
▪ Edited Session Recordings (Both General Session and Breakouts)
▪ Chat Transcripts
▪ Gamification Results (if Applicable)
▪ Highlight & Recap Reels

Bring it All Together


Extend reach. Up engagement. Create buzz.

There is no better way to foster an inclusive culture than to live stream an event – one that was usually limited to an elite group of attendees due to cost. This is one of a thousand examples of why livestream has become a mainstay. Another is the fact that livestreams are 10 times more engaging than pre-recorded videos alone.

Using state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, tailored to your specific goals, we create the highest quality livestream production possible. We have found that the best of livestream happens when our tech experts and marketers come together to custom craft the right mix of technology for your event.

Literally, there is no event that can’t be amplified through livestream, like:

• Concerts
• Summits
• Trade Shows
• Fashion Shows
• Contests
• Influencer Events
• Board Meetings
• Sales Coaching
• Trainings
Biggest benefits include:
• Unlimited audience — stream to the next room or around the world
• Real-time engagement — through chat, polling & Q&A
• Better ROI — record for future use
• Simultaneous video and social media broadcast
• Better data & insights

Should you stream on Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo? Lean in on our experience to guide the way. Our services include:

• Event Consultation & Planning
• On-site production crew
• State-of-the-art audio and video technology
• On-site tech support
• Live switch for multi-camera feeds
• Record content for future use
• Patch presenters from multiple locations
• High-security encryption
• Expert bandwidth connectivity
• Multi-Facility Audio/Video Services to simulcast
• Live Translations, Closed Captioning

Bring it All Together