Video Production.

We make video production easy.

Yes, we build videos to tell your story and fit your brand. But we do so much more. We build video campaigns to spark engagement across multiple touchpoints. We always look for the most cost-effective way to capture attention in a world of shortening attention spans to create a body of work that generates results.

Shoot Anywhere. Edit On Demand.

We make video production easy. A full-service studio specializing in corporate and commercial work, we offer in-house pre- to post-production, motion graphics, and animation.

Shoot high-quality footage anywhere in the world from major cities to remote locations, edit fresh or existing footage on-demand, and trust us with full projects.

We will storyboard, write the script, hire crews, bring in sound engineers, lighting experts, talent, voice over, and make sure your video is optimized for maximum results.

Everything you need in one place.


Full Project.

Like a good tailor, pre-production allows us to measure twice and cut once. Our highly collaborative and thorough approach ensures the final product is polished, on budget, and on brand. 

Services include:

• Concept Development
• Script Writing
• Casting
• Location Scouting
• Crewing
• Storyboarding
• Set Design
• Planning
• Scheduling


Shoot Anywhere.

Our expert production team has access to the best talent, locations, and equipment in the industry through our long-standing relationships with camera, prop, casting, and location entities throughout the US and abroad. 

With on-staff local account executives and technicians with backgrounds in film commercials, TV and Film, we are your one-stop-shop to take care of all of your production needs—both globally and locally. From accommodation, transport, local permits, relationships with local and regional authorities and film offices, to creating the best logistics, maps or routes, equipment sourcing, aerial, and marine photography, as well as local rental of equipment, hiring crew, and casting.

In Arizona, we can coordinate your shoot—from the Grand Canyon to Rocky Point, through a historic program between the US state of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora, called the 300 Mile Zone. The program, endorsed by Sonoran-born, Hollywood Producer Gaston Pavlovich, the program provides all the cross border services – from logistics to security—to shoot in some of the most beautiful, yet remote locations in the world.

Our services Include:

• Directing
• Producing
• DPs & CAM OPs
• Sound Engineering
• Drone Operations
• Light Techs
• Gaffers
• Voice Over


Edit On Demand

Post-production is a puzzle-like process with endless possibilities. Let our accomplished editors weave cinematography, dialog, music, and motion graphics into a story that’s as cohesive, as it is compelling.

Services include:

• Story Design
• Music
• Search & License
• Sound Design
• Graphic Design
• Motion Graphics
• Audio Engineering
• Mixing/Mastering

Motion Graphics

Illusion of motion.

Motion graphics are the marriage of animation with graphic design. Usually, these are purpose-driven pieces with the goal of presenting information to the viewer using animated text or graphics.

Today, designers have a wealth of digital tools available to create motion graphics. Our in-house experts are well-versed in motion graphics, as well as 2D and 3D animation.

Facts Tell.
Videos Sell.

Video, today, is no longer a nice to have—it’s a prerequisite in your digital customer journey. Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster. Landing pages with video are 80% more likely to convert, 53% more likely to rank on page one, and 1200% more likely to be shared!

Did you know that 80% of LinkedIn users watch video with the sound off? Do you know the best day and time for B2B video views?

Adding video to your marketing strategy is a no-brainer, but to make the most of your investment, lean on the experts at WildSide Studio for explosive results.

Bring it All Together